568: Playmobil Tractor with feed trailer

Playmobil Tractor with feed trailer photo
  • Category: RP
  • No Pieces: 15
  • Manufacturer: Playmobil
  • Age: 4 years +
  • Replacement cost: $99.99
  • Storage: : Box


The versatile Tractor with Feed Trailer makes work much easier for the farmer. With the shovel of the mobile front loader, the hay bales can be picked up and loaded onto the trailer…


1 x Red tractor (include 4 wheels, white roof with orange light, red toolbox lid, black bucket, towbar)

1 X yellow trailer ( include a ladder, 4 wheels, I small wheel in the front, 1 yellow door with 3 grey parts)

1x farmer
1x yellow cap
6x grey tools
3x hay bale

1x small plastic box
1x Big plastic box

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