Term and Condition


Members are required to complete a registration form on joining the toy library. By signing the registration form you agree to the Rules [Terms and Conditions] of Membership as outlined below, so please take the time to read them carefully and ask any questions that you may have.

It is your responsibility to advise us of any changes to your contact details. It is important that we retain accurate contact details so that we can email/send out Newsletters, notify helping members of rosters, stocktaking duties and any other relevant correspondence. All information will be treated as confidential as per the Privacy Act, however by signing the registration form you allow the toy library to include your phone number on rosters so that other Members may contact you if they need to swap dates.



All subscriptions are for a 1 or 6 or 12 months period and are non-refundable and non-transferrable


Duty 6 months: $50 - 3 hours duty - 6 toys max each time

Duty 1 year: $90 - 6 hours duty, 6 toys max each time

Full 6 months: $70 - no duties, 6 toys max each time

Full 1 year: $120 - no duties, 6 toys max each time

Grandparents: $20 -  3 visits per year, 6 toys max each time

Monthly: $15 - no duties, 6 toys max each time

NO additional Toy hire fees.

A written warning shall be provided to the member summarising any non-compliances and monies owed. If fines are not paid within two weeks of issuing the warning or there are further non-compliances, membership will be terminated immediately and details referred to the Committee to action to overdue process.

Steps may be taken to recover monies owed at the discretion of the committee.


Toy Hire Fees

No Toy Hire Fees!


Borrowing Toys

  • Toys are issued for 2 weeks and you can renew them a maximum of 3 times.
  • No toys will be issued to a member whilst overdue toys, fines or fees are outstanding.


Your Responsibilities – at the library

  • Please ensure that all toy pieces are present during the 24 hours after the toy has been takene away from the toy library.


Your Responsibilities – at home

  • Safe use of borrowed toys is the member’s responsibility. The Geraldine Toy Library accepts no responsibility for injury resulting from the use of Toy Library toys. It is our aim to promote the safe use of toys. Please bring to our attention any toys that you are concerned about.
  • Care of the toys you borrow is your responsibility and whilst in your home, they are covered by your insurance. Whilst all care may be taken, with toys accidents do happen and toys break in the normal course of the play so please do not be embarrassed if this happens to you.
  • Batteries are not included with toys. Your own batteries can be used and removed before returning the toys.


To avoid damaging toys and prevent premature aging, please:

  • Store outdoor toys undercover at night and during bad weather.
  • Do not exchange toys with friends even if they are toy library members. All toys must remain in the borrower’s home.
  • Consider putting away library toys when other children are visiting your home or supervise play.


Damaged Toys / Lost Pieces

  • Please do not repair toys yourself. We have access to people who can repair toys safely and professionally.
  • A fine of $5.00 will be charged for each lost or damaged piece.
  • Lost pieces must be returned within 1 month and you will what you paid.
  • Toys damaged beyond repair will need to be replaced. The committee will take into consideration the age and condition of the toy when determining what percentage, you must pay.


Returning Toys

Your Responsibilities:

  • Please ensure toys are returned on time to avoid incurring overdue fines.
  • All toys must be thoroughly cleaned prior to returning to the toy library. Please see the “Cleaning Toys Hints and Tips” handout. A cleaning fine of $3.00 may be charged if toys are not cleaned to an acceptable standard.
  • Please return puzzles completed as this makes it easier to check for missing pieces.
  • Return all toys, including ride-ons, to the Returns desk and assist the duty person to check the toy.


Overdue Toys

  • You will receive 2 automatic emails, one 2 days before the toy is due and another one after 3 days after the toy is overdue.
  • If you are bringing back a toy overdue for more than 1 week you will be charged $2.00 per toy per week of overdue.
  • The Librarian will also notify members of toys overdue more than one-week verbally at the toy library.


Helping Members’ Duties

Duty members are required to attend. These will be rostered, and you will be notified well in advance of your duty time. During duty, you will be required to help the Librarian in the library. A fine of $20 will be issued each time a duty is not completed.

As a helping member of the Toy Library, there is also an expectation that you (or someone in your family) be available to help with fundraisers throughout the year. This is likely to be baking, selling raffle tickets, or helping with catering. We rely on your help to maintain the library and expect helping membership families to help with at least two fundraisers a year.


Library Duty

  • Helping members are rostered to help the Librarian during opening hours on Tuesdays or Saturdays as previously mentioned.
  • To choose your date please go to the Member website or ask the librarian.



  • Stocktake is held over a period of one week each year.
  • Members are rostered on to help during either morning or evening sessions.
  • Details will be provided closer to the date.



  • Fundraising is an ongoing activity of the toy library. Money raised covers the ongoing costs of running the library and allows us to purchase new toys for our children to enjoy. Ideas for fundraising activities are always welcome.
  • We currently have a number of annual fundraisers which include both the Christmas and Summertime Orari Races. These involve manning the children’s area and providing toys and face painting.


Termination of Membership

Serious breaches of the rules and conditions of Membership include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-payment of fines
  • Failure to return toys
  • The continual failure of Duty Members to fulfill their duties.


Your comments and feedback are always welcome so please feel free to contact the Committee at geraldinetoylibrary@gmail.com